Abuse is no respecter of persons and it happens both inside and outside of the church walls. How does your church view domestic abuse?  What is your church’s level of awareness of it?  We believe church has a role to play in response to domestic abuse. We want to encourage every church to think about how they can reflect God’s heart and be a safe place of hope and healing for those who are suffering or have suffered domestic abuse.  

We need to take seriously God’s hatred of abuse.


How equipped is your church to care and support those in need? What are churchgoers’ experiences of seeking support and guidance in relation to domestic abuse? Do you know what to do, what to say, what help to give to those involved in abusive relationships? What action are you taking to tackle domestic abuse, to help stop it – are you speaking out about it in order to challenge attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate it?

We want to see churches that can alert people to the reality of abuse and help them prepare to take action, whether for themselves or their friends.


We especially want to help church leaders and those with some pastoral responsibility to understand abuse and to take action to protect the vulnerable.

As part of our training package, we will help you ‘unpack’ domestic abuse, give you the inspiration and confidence to address issues both inside and outside your church, sensitively support both victim and perpetrator and look deeply into God’s heart for relationships.

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