The Crossing Point is able to broadcast its very own programme called Walking on Eggshells, thanks to radio presenter John Cheek of Flame Christian and Community Radio, Wirral.  The programme looks at domestic abuse in detail, giving helpful information and advice.  It tackles various aspects of abuse and gives encouragement and support, with interviews from special guests including victims of abuse.

Great news that non fatal strangulation will become an offence on 7 June. I have read a thousand DHRs for the Home Office & I frequently see this offence in the histories. This new law will save lives. Proud to have played a part in this @AAFDA6 @AafdaJo @hrdwebb @sarahdangar

“Why don’t you just leave” is a common question asked to victims of #domesticabuse leaving isn’t always that easy and many barriers can present. On average it can take up to 7 times for the victim to finally leave an abusive perpetrator. #coercivecontrol

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