THE WORLD CUP, Abuse and Children

Children who live with abuse suffer emotional abuse.  The NSPCC say children face greater risk of domestic abuse during the World Cup and are calling for the Government to deliver a Victims Bill that legislates for support services for children impacted by domestic abuse.

Their analysis found that during the previous World Cup contacts to their Helpline about domestic abuse jumped by a third on the monthly average, reaching more than 1,000.  

Research shows a direct correlation between high profile sporting events and reports of domestic abuse to emergency services, agencies and charities. Chief Executive of the NSPCC, Sir Peter Wanless has said that “Anyone who hears or sees something worrying regarding a child while watching the football can reach out to the NSPCC Helpline for confidential advice”.  Childline 0808 800 5000.  For more on this news item:

18 Nov 22 – Full article is available via NSPCC