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There are countless people that need help due to past or present abuse. The programmes that we run offer hope, support and healing. They are making a difference, helping restore lives that have been wrecked by abuse.  There will be people in your community in need of this type of support. Please consider inviting us to come and deliver a recovery programme.

In order to help stop abuse, everyone needs firstly to be aware of it, how and why it happens and what is going on around them. If we’re going to tackle abuse then it’s important to have an understanding of it, to recognise the signs and know how to engage with someone going through it and how to help.

One way of working against abuse is through education and training. This could be held at your local community centre, work place, school or church. The more people we can reach in our communities, the greater chance we have of impacting lives for the better and preventing abuse from happening.  

Every opportunity given to us to share about the work of The Crossing Point means people are getting to know about abuse. This all helps in our fight against it. We’d welcome your support in this by asking us to come to a special event you might be putting on or activity groups that you run – together we can help stop abuse.