Barrett Homes give donation

Domestic abuse service, The Crossing Point, has recieved a donation of £1,500 from housebuilder Barratt and David Wilson Homes North West as part of its Community Fund scheme.

Having opened its doors in 2014, The Crossing Point was set up for the people of Merseyside by the late Irene Taylor, who spent her life caring for others. She was a professional nurse who worked for the NHS for 45 years, following this long service, she then went on to dedicate her retirement to setting up and running the charity.

The donation came as part of the Barratt Developments Plc charitable foundation, which is designed to support national and local charities, large and small, across the UK to leave a legacy in the communities in which the housebuilder operates.

The charity takes a hands-on approach with all people it services. Meeting face-to-face, it provides a listening ear to encourage its beneficiaries to open up about their abuse and reassure them that they are not alone, and a vital part of The Crossing Point’s operations.

As well as this, the charity’s staff members also carry out visits to schools in order to speak to the pupils about relationships and domestic abuse, and raise awareness of the access to help and support if the situation should ever arise.

Diane Jones, charity manager at The Crossing Point, said: “All of our services are free so any donations we receive enable us to continue to provide them. The donation we’ve received from Barratt and David Wilson Homes will certainly help us continue to provide that all-important one-to-one emotional support for individuals stuck in emotional pain.”

“Raising awareness is such a key factor in tackling domestic abuse. Challenging the ignorance and myths that surround it and letting people know exactly how abuse operates, the signs and the devastating impact it has on relationships – no matter the age or background of those involved – is a crucial aspect of our work.

“We believe that the generational cycle of domestic abuse can and will be broken and we are working to bring hope, healing and restoration to anyone affected by it, through intentional community and collaborative action.”

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31 January 2023 –