Queen Consort condemns ‘Pandemic of violence’

Here at The Crossing Point we are encouraged to see such high profile attention brought to such an important topic. We hope that this leads to real action to help combat violence against women and girls in our society.

Camilla, the Queen Consort, has warned of a “global pandemic of violence against women” and called for an end to these “heinous crimes”.

She spoke at a Buckingham Palace event highlighting the threat of domestic abuse and violence against women.

Survivors of domestic abuse need to be “listened to and believed”, said the Queen Consort.

Campaigners at the event warned that the cost-of-living crisis would increase the numbers needing help.

This was the Queen Consort’s highest-profile effort to raise awareness about one her most personal causes, with palace sources saying she feels “passionately” about this issue.

It was against the background of the United Nations’ “16 days of activism against gender-based violence” – and during those 16 days, the Queen Consort said, police figures suggested that 3,000 women would be raped in England and Wales.

BBC New 1st December 2022