Real-life Leaving my abuser

My story is from over 40 years ago. Everything was fine at first but after about 18 months of being with my partner, things began to change.

I was accused of telling lies which I never did. Every time I mentioned a man’s name, probably someone who I worked with, it caused a row. It would end up with me getting a beating every time.

In fact every argument we had would end up with me getting a beating. I was stabbed a number of times, in the stomach and in the face. I would go into work with black eyes, making up stories as to how I got them, fooling nobody of course.

This went on for a number of years. It only got worse and worse. I was isolated from friends and family, was never allowed to go out on my own apart from to go to work and even then if I was a minute late or even early getting home it was “Where have you been, why are you late, what have you been doing?” Another argument, another beating.

Eventually I wasn’t allowed to go to work. For the last 3 months of this relationship it got worse and worse until eventually one day I found myself on the floor with a pair of scissors at my neck. I knew then that if I didn’t leave I would end up dead.

I waited until my abuser was in the bathroom and very quietly walked out and got into my car and left. I was a mess, I drove round for hours not knowing what to do or where to go. Eventually I went to a relative who helped me and was able to get into a refuge. I was then able to get my life back.
EH, Liverpool