The Repair Shop

In those early days I was so starry-eyed that I didn’t analyse some of the more negative things that Rob revealed about himself. On our second date, he came to meet me straight from work.

As soon as I got in the truck, I saw a very different person from the one I’d been dancing with the Saturday before.

‘Oh, I just had a few Budweisers on the way,’ he told me. He’d obviously been drinking as he drove over to collect me.

‘I’ve been telling the girls at work about what fun we had the other night,’ I said as we drove away.

‘Why are you talking to other people about us?’ he asked. His voice had changed – it had become nastier, slightly aggressive even.

Suddenly I didn’t feel comfortable. Deciding this wasn’t a situation I wanted to be in, I made a plan to get out when he next stopped.

But he didn’t stop. He put his foot down and headed for the main road out of town. By now I felt panicky. Where was that person who’d so intrigued me just days before?

Read the full article published by the Daily Mail on 11 June 2023