Woman works to help break silence for victims of abuse

We are very proud that one of our TCP team was recently featured in the Liverpool Echo as part of her campaign against domestic abuse.

Dionne Simpson created a fictional character, Donna Ward, to enable her to speak about what she says are her own experiences of abuse within – and after – a relationship, and to support others.

Now, Dionne has decided to reveal her true identity to highlight the ongoing risks to victims of abuse, even after they have left their abuser. No criminal charges were made against Dionne’s ex-husband.

Dionne commented:

“More needs to be done not only to protect victims, but to prosecute offenders. This requires new laws and new protections for victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

“A lot of the abuse I received at the time was not considered a crime, such as coercive control and financial abuse, which was only just added to the Domestic Abuse Act in 2021.

“My ex-husband was spoken to by the police on many occasions, but this never led to any charges”.

Dionne will be supporting the UK Says No More week 2023 from March 5 – 12, dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by increasing awareness, inspiring action and fuelling culture change. She is also fundraising for The Crossing Point service and you can donate to Just Giving page HERE.

You can read the full article HERE – Published by the Liverpool Echo, 27 January 2023